Have you ever wondered what makes some buyer’s agents rise above all the others? What traits and skills make some agents excel in their work with buyers? Well, this was the focus of a recent study and it’s precisely what we’ll explore in today’s article from Southern Connecticut Coldwell Banker Realtor Judy Szablak and founder of Szablak Consulting.

The Study into Buyer’s Agents

The study was conducted by a company called WizeHire, which evaluated the natural traits and strengths of the top performing real estate agents. Using a wide array of validated personality profiles, the researchers set out to identify what — if any — characteristics correlated only with top performers in this particular real estate sales niche

The study evaluated profiles in the DISC Index and Values Index. “The DISC Index measures an individual’s natural behavioral style, which directly affects their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to tasks and actions. It can be seen as ‘how’ someone gets the job done. On the other hand, the Values Index measures one’s motivational preferences or passions, which affects how engaged they will be in a given role. The more motivated and excited one is for their culture and work, the better they perform and the more satisfaction and longevity they have in that work.”

The study examined a total of 8,791 agents over a timeframe of six months. Approximately 5,500 agents were buyer’s agents and of this group, 17% (944) were considered top performers.

What Makes a Top Buyer’s Agent?

So what did the study reveal? Well, the data uncovered some interesting findings:

Top Buyer’s Agents Were Very Relatable — The most successful agents were interactive and engaging, with qualities that allow them to more easily, and efficiently, connect with clients. This group was filled with extroverts who are outgoing and social. Those who were at the opposite end of the spectrum struggle with proactively meeting new people or comfortably socializing.

Top Buyer’s Agents Were Very Stable — The best buyer’s agents were found to be naturally good at making others feel comfortable, safe, secure and supported. In other words, the best buyer’s agents are good at dealing with people who are feeling somewhat stressed. They tend to have a natural ability to calm them and provide stability, which is great when someone is stressed over a buying decision.

Top Buyer’s Agents Were Fairly Dominant — The top agents showed a moderate degree of dominance.  This trait helps them to be more understanding and patient with indecisive buyers, yet they’re decisive and assertive enough to give a gentle push when the need arises. 

Top Buyer’s Agents Gave LIttle Attention to Detail — This one may be a bit surprising, but it’s true! While this adversely impacts their ability to be organized, their strength is that they’re flexible enough to respond to their buyers’ needs. These agents were generally better-equipped to handle needy, indecisive client requests. It also makes them more creative and adaptable.

Top Buyer’s Agents Were Motivated by Money — One of the most significant study findings was the top buyers’ agents had a very strong economic drive. They are motivated to earn commissions than to learn new things, serve mankind, be in charge of their own destiny, achieve security or any of the other drivers we measured. Naturally, this works in their favor as it pushes them to work hard and bring results for their clients. 

Tips to Grow Your Career With Szablak Consulting Founder and Realtor Judy Szablak

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Aspiring top producing real estate agents may also with consider reading Realtor Judy Szablak’s related article with advice to help you enjoy a long lasting real estate career.

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