Could you or your clients be deterring your prospective buyers without even realizing it? It takes time to perfect the art of showing a home and even seasoned real estate professionals could be committing one of these home showing mistakes. So let’s explore some of the things that could send buyers running for the exit in today’s article from Southern Connecticut Coldwell Banker Realtor Judy Szablak and founder of Szablak Consulting.

Mistakes When Showing a Home: The Owners

Showing a home with the owners present can range from awkward to downright disastrous if the owner says the wrong thing. And then there’s the creepy “stalking seller” who not-so-surreptitiously follows you around as you show the property, resulting in a super awkward situation that leaves the buyers feeling uncomfortable. 

So take the time to explain to the owners why it’s best for them to run an errand or walk the dog while you’re showing the home. Most are happy to stay out of the equation once they understand why it’s important. 

Also remember to give the homeowners sufficient warning — ideally, a day or more advance notice — so they can plan to accommodate you. 

Mistakes When Showing a Home: The Animals

When showing a home, pets can range from distracting to downright dangerous, so it’s important to chat with your homeowners so you can arrange to relocate or confine the pets during a showing. It can be an awkward discussion, as many owners are very reluctant to acknowledge that their dog could be annoying or even dangerous. But it’s a very essential conversation for ensuring the safety of the pets and the potential buyers. 

Also, you’ll want to be sure to address any pet messes and odors. There are few things more off-putting than stepping in a pile of dog poo or being overpowered by the smell of ammonia from a dirty litter box. 

Mistakes When Showing a Home: The Darkness

Be sure to illuminate the home because lots of light is important for good aesthetics. Few buyers are interested in buying a home that’s dark and dungeon-like. Most put “bright and sunny” at the top of their list of property must-haves. 

So whenever possible, take a few minutes to open the blinds and turn on the lights before the buyers arrive. Also, if it’s your listing, be sure to speak with the homeowners to emphasize the importance of cleaning and dusting because that dust and dirt becomes a lot more apparent in the bright light. 

Mistakes When Showing a Home: The Distracting Decor

There are some items of decor that can be very distracting, resulting in a negative impression that could otherwise be avoided. 

One example is nude photos. Some clients may have tasteful nude photography displayed as artwork. This can be especially awkward if the subject in the photos is one of the homeowners.  Even large, hyper realistic nudes can be a bit distracting, so this is one type of artwork that you should ask the homeowners to pull down or pull it down yourself if you happen to arrive in advance.

Another example would be very “unique” home makeovers, from bathrooms that have a curtain instead of a door, outrageous paint jobs and poor attempts at home improvements, to rooms that are being utilized for a purpose that’s different from what was intended. There’s little you can do if you’re just showing the home, but if it’s your listing, take the time to have a serious conversation with the homeowners about the importance of remedying these issues.

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