Real estate is a very competitive industry that is constantly evolving due to the ever-changing nature of technology, which has had an increasingly profound impact on the industry in recent years. It’s equally challenging to work your way to a profitable, long lasting real estate career. With over 30 years in the industry, top Southern Connecticut Coldwell Banker Realtor Judy Szablak offers a few tips for enjoying a long lasting real estate career, even in today’s hyper competitive industry!

Tips for a Lasting Real Estate Career – Understand Your Motivations

In order to succeed in the long term, you need a strong motivator; something that continually drives you through the difficult times to grow, evolve and succeed in new ways. Understanding your “why” — why you’re in real estate and what you wish to achieve — is crucial.

So perform a bit of self-examination and evaluate what your motivators are and why you’re in real estate in the first place. Understand your motivation and consider your own definition of success. What does success look like for you? 

Tips for a Lasting Real Estate Career – Establish Goals

It’s virtually impossible to find true success if you’re aimlessly floating through your career, without any defined goals and objectives. Continual growth and evolution is key to your longevity in any career field; otherwise, you may find yourself facing boredom and stagnancy. 

Of course you must set the right type of goals — SMART goals. Otherwise, you could bet setting up for failure by establishing goals that are impossible to achieve. 

Tips for a Lasting Real Estate Career – Build a Brand

It’s crucial that you build a defined, memorable brand that has the power to elevate you to the next level. A strong brand has a major impact on your professional identity and how potential clients perceive you. 

Without a brand, you’re forgettable. You’re apt to blend in with the wallpaper — and that’s a place where nobody wants to dwell! But if you build a brand, you harness the power to showcase your strengths and expertise in a memorable and dynamic way that is apt to resonate with your target clientele. 

Tips for a Lasting Real Estate Career – Become a Specialist

While it’s always wise to refine your skills as a generalist, it’s key that you also become a specialist in at least one area of real estate. Find your niche and become an expert in this area; aim to become the best of the best in that particular niche. 

It’s important to remember that prospective clients rarely have use for a generalist; they’re more apt to hire a specialist who is an expert in the type of real estate that they’re seeking to purchase or sell. 

Developing a specialty will give you the power to set yourself apart from all others, rising above as “the best” in your chosen niche. 

Tips for a Lasting Real Estate Career – Leverage Technology

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the real estate industry, so it’s crucial that you learn how to use technology to your advantage. It’s an opportunity to save time, improve your efficiency and productivity and to reach a broader spectrum of potential buyers with your marketing efforts. 

Tips for a Lasting Real Estate Career – Become a Marketing Expert

While most Realtors have worked hard to refine their sales skills, you can really only make the most of those skills once you get that prospective client in the door!

You’ll need to leverage your marketing skills to spread the word about your property listings or your service offerings; only then can you put your sales savvy to full use!

Grow Your Career With Szablak Consulting Founder and Realtor Judy Szablak

A career consultant like Judy Szablak can provide you with the insights and recommendations you need to succeed in today’s competitive real estate industry. A consultant will not only offer advice and recommendations, but she will also share her valuable knowledge and expertise on topics such as online marketing for Realtors and social media marketing to get leads, to sales motivation tips and other tips to sell more homes!

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, turn to real estate professional and consultant Judy Szablak, founder and CEO of Szablak Consulting and Best Agents Online, LLC. With Judy’s guidance and expertise, you’ll take your career to new places, finding success that’s beyond what you believed to be possible!

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