Whether you’re a real estate agent or a personal trainer, there are a number of personal flaws that can really stand in the way of your success. So as you work to find success as a real estate professional, consider these professional development tips for success from Realtor Judy Szablak, a successful Southern Connecticut real estate agent and founder of Szablak Consulting. 

Professional Development Tips – Don’t Procrastinate

Postponing tasks that should be done today can not only result in delays or setbacks; you can also find yourself in a situation where you’re failing to grow, evolve and ultimately, succeed! This is especially true for Realtors, as time is critical and if you postpone the wrong task, you could lose the sale or even a client!

So if you’re tempted to postpone and procrastinate, consider performing a bit of self-examination to determine exactly why you procrastinate. Then, develop a strategy that will help you overcome this problematic tendency.

Professional Development Tips – Don’t Be an Ostrich

Do you have a tendency of sticking your head in the sand? Do you tend to ignore problems instead of addressing them face on? Are you tempted to skip on to the next section in this article so you don’t need to really consider if you’re prone to playing ostrich?

When you avoid a problem, it will only grow and become more challenging to resolve. So take action now and stop the avoidance. Realize that sticking your head in the sand only makes things more challenging for you in the long run. 

Professional Development Tips – Don’t Be Impulsive

Impulsivity can be a very challenging issue to overcome. In fact, you may find yourself feeling as though you’ve got to resolve your impulsivity problem this very second, before you’ve even devised an effective strategy or game plan.

Impulsivity can result in poor decisions and a lack of direction. It can also result in a situation where you fail to perform the proper research or fail to sufficiently consider a situation. This can result in a situation where you go down a path that’s not really right for you, leading to wasted time, wasted energy and a lack of direction. Impulsive individuals are also more apt begin projects that they never see to completion. Or you may jump into a new business venture without really researching what it requires to succeed in that business niche.

If you’re impulsive by nature, find new, positive ways to channel your enthusiasm and excitement. Often, it’s these emotions that are at the root of impulsiveness. 

Professional Development Tips – Don’t Be Difficult 

No man or woman is an island. You need to work with others if you’re working in the real estate field, whether it’s working with clients or fellow Realtors. 

Make a concerted effort to develop your plays-well-with-others skills. This will enable you to make the most of new partnerships and opportunities. This will make it easier for you to find — and keep — professional partnerships and clients. 

Also, make an effort to avoid alienating others with your passion. The most successful people tend to be the most passionate and with this passion comes strong emotions which can make you rather difficult to work with (or for.)

Professional Development Tips – Get Organized

Organization is absolutely key to success in all areas of life. This is especially true for Realtors, as we have to juggle, keeping lots of balls in the air at once. So if you’re not organized, take action now and make it a point to get organized and on point. This will improve efficiency, while also helping you save time and improve overall performance.

Remember, a lack of organization will only compound matters over time, so the longer you wait to get organized, the more challenging that organization process will be when you finally do sit down to get everything in order.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to finding success in your real estate career and in other areas of your life. 

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