The State of Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection has approved Realtor Judy Szablak’s new continuing education course, titled Best Online Marketing Practices for REALTORS®. This is Judy’s second course that has been approved by state officials.

Designed specifically for real estate professionals, Realtor Judy Szablak’s new course meets the stringent requirements that are put forth by the State of Connecticut for real estate professionals who wish to renew their licensing as a real estate salesperson or real estate broker.

About the Online Marketing Course: Best Online Marketing Practices for REALTORS®

In 1994, Judy was mentioned in Realtor Magazine for her commitment to using technology. That commitment has served her well over the years, as technology has become an essential element for success in the real estate industry.

Today, Realtor Judy Szablak’s status as a front-runner in the area of technology utilization in the real estate industry has left her well-positioned to instruct fellow real estate professionals on how they too can leverage technology to grow their career, improve productivity and boost client satisfaction.

This new course — The Best Online Marketing Practices for REALTORS® — will explore a number of different topics, including:

  • The overall importance of online marketing;
  • How to create online business profiles and where to post new profiles;
  • The basics of email and websites;
  • How and why Realtors should leverage personal website IDX search;
  • The ins and outs of forwarding URLs and using unique domains and marketing-specific URLs;
  • How to market real estate listings online, including what makes a good photograph, what to omit in your MLS listings and the best practices for listing-related remarks;
  • How to use auto email /concierge features;
  • How to leverage Listingbook reverse prospecting to grow your career;
  • The importance of having a social media presence, including why you need a Facebook business page, a Google+ business page and a Twitter profile;
  • Why REALTORS® need a real estate blogs and how to use automatic posting to streamline the process;
  • An overview of online ethics and guidelines for REALTORS®.

Notably, Realtor Judy Szablak’s new course for REALTORS® is the only one of its kind, as there are currently no other social media-related courses approved for continuing education.

It took Judy nearly a year to get this new course approved. She credits her expertise, her experience speaking and instructing others and her solid reputation as a Southern Connecticut REALTOR® for enabling her to get the new course approved.

The first meeting of her new course, Best Online Marketing Practices for REALTORS®, will take place on May 20 at the Greater Bridgeport Board of REALTORS®. The class will meet from 1:30 p.m. through 4:30 p.m.

Grow Your Career With Szablak Consulting Founder and Realtor Judy Szablak

A career consultant like Judy Szablak can provide you with the insights and recommendations you need to succeed in today’s competitive real estate industry. A consultant will not only offer advice and recommendations, but she will also share her valuable knowledge and expertise on topics such as online marketing for Realtors and social media marketing to get leads, to sales motivation tips and other tips to sell more homes!

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, turn to real estate professional and consultant Judy Szablak, founder and CEO of Szablak Consulting and Best Agents Online, LLC. With Judy’s guidance and expertise, you’ll take your career to new places, finding success that’s beyond what you believed to be possible!

If you’re a real estate agent who is ready to elevate your sales or if you’re a realty owner or manager who’s seeking a dynamic, expert coach to bring a new element of professionalism to your sales team and your brokerage firm, turn to Realtor Judy Szablak of Szablak Consulting. Call 855.438.5839 or complete the booking form.


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