Realtors need to be adept at marketing and promotion in order to succeed in today’s hyper competitive real estate world. One very important element of your marketing campaign strategy should be email marketing. Email marketing for Realtors can bring significant results, but only when it’s performed properly. So in today’s article from Realtor Judy Szablak, of Szablak Consulting, we’ll explore the basics of email marketing for Realtors.

The Importance of Email Marketing for Realtors

Email marketing plays an important role when it comes to engaging your current clients, while staying in touch with prospective clients and past clients. 

Emails enable you to connect directly with the client in a more personalized way, which makes this approach a bit more effective than some other strategies. 

Email marketing is a simple method for providing valuable insight and information to your new clients, while also demonstrating your expertise in the field. 

Of course, it’s vital that your email marketing campaign looks professional. You cannot simply write up a few paragraphs and send it out to your clients. It’s essential that you take the time to create a professional looking email; one with eye catching visual elements and your branding elements such as your logo and your photo. There are many email campaign companies available if you wish to attempt it yourself; or you may hire a firm that’s experienced in performing email marketing for Realtors.

The Basics of Email Marketing for Realtors – Drip Campaigns

Email marketing can take a few different forms. One form is the drip campaign, which entails a series of pre-written emails that go out on a set schedule.

Drip campaigns are very effective for new clients, as you can engage those homeowners or buyers, while offering important tips and insights that can lead to a faster home sale.

This form of email marketing for Realtors may entail a series of emails on what to expect, how to prepare a home for showings and other tips to make a piece of real estate more appealing, bringing about a faster sale at a more favorable price.

Another example of a Realtor’s drip campaign could be targeted to sellers, with a series of emails exploring what to expect, how to make the most of each showing, info on mortgage pre-approval vs pre-qualification, advice for finding the perfect home and so on.

The Basics of Email Marketing for Realtors – eNewsletters

An enewsletter is a periodic email that’s sent out to all clients on a regular basis. Some opt for a weekly enewsletter; others may opt for every other week or monthly. It’s important to avoid a situation where you’re sending out too many mailings, as this is a very effective way to obliterate your subscription list.  Generally, you do not want to send out more than one email per week, although special circumstances may necessitate an extra mailing every once in a while. 

These enewsletters can explore many different topics, from news about a recent award that you’ve received, to insightful articles about interest rates, the real estate market or tips for buying or selling a home.

In short, you must consider what’s interesting and relevant to your target audience; then, craft content that’s apt to be appealing to that audience. Many Realtors make the mistake of turning their email newsletters into a boast and brag board. Really, that’s not very interesting and you’re going to lose subscribers in fairly short order if you fail to engage them.

Each enewsletter mailing also provides a great opportunity to include a featured listing or info on an upcoming open house event. This can be a wonderful perk for your clients who are seeking to sell a property, as it provides their listing with added exposure. 

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