Developing a solid presence on the web is an important part of any Realtor’s career. If you’re going to find success in today’s digital world, it’s essential that prospective clients can find you and your properties online.

Many real estate agents go through the process of launching a social media marketing campaign and hiring a web developer to create a real estate website. But they’re unsure of what to expect in terms of results. Many Realtors get disillusioned when they spend money on advertising, website design, blogging and social media marketing, only to find that it doesn’t bring instant or overly dramatic results.

Online Marketing for Realtors and the Price Per Lead

When it comes to online advertising and digital marketing for Realtors, it’s important to put everything into perspective. You’re not selling a $10 book, a $200 bracelet or even a $30,000 car. You’re selling real estate, which may constitute one of the largest purchases an individual will ever make.

And on top of this, most people only ever buy a home a couple of times in their lifetime. Therefore, the amount of money spent to acquire each lead is significantly greater, simply because the target audience for any given property is very small. This means you must cast a very broad net in order to connect with that prospective buyer.

When evaluating how effective your online marketing is, it’s vital that you evaluate the total amount spent on your marketing relative to the profits. It’s not unrealistic to spend hundreds or even more on marketing a property, but if the commission is tens of thousands of dollars, then this expenditure can be considered a good investment.

Multiple Exposures and Online Marketing Campaigns

Studies have also revealed that when it comes to social media marketing, advertising and other online marketing for Realtors, it takes continual exposure before an individual actually clicks advertisement or link. And on top of this, it takes multiple visits to your website before the average person takes action (i.e. making a phone call, completing a contact form, etc.)

In fact, think of your own behaviors when it comes to clicking ads or viewing websites. If you’re like most people, you generally view an ad multiple times before you actually click it and you may visit a website a couple times before you make a purchase or take action in another way.

So why would it seem reasonable to expect that you’ll get instantaneous and dramatic results that differ from the norm? It’s important to keep your expectations realistic. On occasion, you may encounter situations where you find a seller after just a couple days of marketing, but more often, it takes consistent advertising and marketing over time to pull in clients.

In order to get the best results, it’s essential that you continue your marketing, blogging and social media activities for the long term because most it takes time to actually connect with those prospective clients.

Social media marketing and blogging also enables you to stay on the radar of those prospective clients, so when it comes time for them to buy or sell a home, they’ll immediately think of you because they’re already familiar with you due to your prominent presence on the web.

It’s also important to ask your clients and leads whether they’ve encountered your online marketing or website. It’s possible that a significant portion of your leads are coming from your online marketing, but you may never realize it unless you specifically enquire.

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