Social media can be a very valuable tool for pulling in real estate leads, so if you’re a Realtor who’s seeking to expand your client base, consider these tips from Southern Connecticut Realtor Judy Szablak who has perfected the art of using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as a lead gen tool!

Showcasing Your Properties

Social media is the perfect place to advertise and promote your property listings, thereby pulling in more clients and closing more sales.

You can showcase properties in many different ways on social media, from highlighting a new listing, to posting video tours of the property, publishing photo arrays of a new property or highlighting your upcoming open house event for that particular property. The latter also has the benefit of showing prospective clients that you’re a proactive Realtor who will go the extra mile to get the property sold by hosting open house events and promoting the property online.

Highlighting Your Expertise

Social media provides you with a rich micro-blogging platform where you can provide clients and prospective clients with small tips, tricks, facts, bits of advice and other information that may not warrant a lengthy blog post.

This serves to provide value to your followers, which will help you maintain a following, but it also highlights your expertise and knowledge base in the field. You can even answer FAQs in a social media setting. This is a great way to engage your prospective clients while showcasing all that you know in your field.

Sharing Client Testimonials to Get Real Estate Leads

Social media is a wonderful place to share those positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients. Many social media platforms like Facebook now include review interfaces. But in addition to this, you can post or share written reviews and you can also post video testimonials that your clients have provided.

Testimonials and reviews are a very important part of any Realtor’s marketing, as they provide social proof and establish your reputation as a top Realtor.

Get Real Estate Leads With Landing Pages with Social Media Marketing

Landing pages and lead gen pages — single web pages designed to market a particular service offering and elicit a specific action, such as entering an email address or making a phone call or visiting a real estate listing page.

Landing pages, which exist separately from your website, can be used to promote a very precise action, making them very effective if you’re seeking to achieve a particular goal, such as getting more exposure for a real estate listing or pulling in new clients. Landing pages are very effective at pulling in leads due to their structure and their very narrow focus, so you may wish to consider using lead gen landing pages with your social media marketing campaign to grow your client base and your career.

Also be sure to check out Judy’s recent article on how to use social media to grow your real estate career in other exciting ways.

Elevate Your Career with a Real Estate Consultant

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, turn to real estate professional and consultant Judy Szablak, founder and CEO of Szablak Consulting and Best Agents Online, LLC. With Judy’s guidance and expertise, you’ll take your career to new places, finding success that’s beyond what you believed to be possible!

If you’re a real estate agent who is ready to elevate your sales or if you’re a realty owner or manager who’s seeking a dynamic, expert coach to bring a new element of professionalism to your sales team and your brokerage firm, turn to Szablak Consulting. Call 855.438.5839 or complete the booking form.


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