As a Realtor, it’s important for you to maintain a real estate website, as it’s an essential marketing and branding tool. But in addition to promoting properties, showcasing your expertise and establishing your unique brand, real estate websites can also be very useful in providing your clients with helpful resources. In today’s article from Szablak Consulting founder, Real Estate Consultant and Realtor Judy Szablak, we’ll explore how Realtors can leverage their website to deliver a more positive client experience.

Using Real Estate Websites to Share Resources

As a Realtor, you’re faced with many of the same questions from your clients. So consider establishing a client resources section on your website to provide answers to those frequently asked questions from clients. 

In fact, you can address these frequently asked questions in blog posts, which can then be collected into a resources section. You could also opt to collect those FAQ articles into an e-book, which can be provided as a free download for your clients.

These blog posts and/or ebooks can also serve as a valuable tool for promoting yourself as a Realtor and establishing your expertise in the field. Clients are typically more apt to choose a Realtor whom they view as knowledgeable and in tune with the client’s concerns and questions.

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Using Real Estate Websites to Share Tips

Realtors are a wealth of information, but many clients don’t think to ask certain questions and it can be difficult knowing which tips you’ve shared with a particular client. 

Therefore, it can be very beneficial to use your website to provide your clients with tips, advice and insights that will enable them to sell their home faster or, in the case of buyers, tips to help them find the perfect home sooner!

These tips can be provided on real estate websites via blog posts and/or they can be compiled into an ebook which can be downloaded. Then, simply refer new clients to this content , so they can review the advice and insights at their own leisure. This also provides busy Realtors with a time-effective method for sharing their valuable tips, advice and information with clients. 

In addition to providing a better experience for the client, Realtors also benefit as many of these tips will improve your chances of selling the property. 

Using Real Estate Websites to Showcase Properties

Clients are apt to feel more satisfied with a Realtor’s performance when they notice that you’re going out of your way to showcase and promote their property listing. All clients will enjoy the added exposure for their listing.

The reality is that any licensed Realtor can list a home on the MLS, but not every Realtor offers to go the extra mile to feature a property on their own real estate website. Therefore, real estate websites can provide Realtors with an added selling point since you’re showcasing their property on your site, providing added exposure.

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Grow Your Career With Szablak Consulting Founder and Realtor Judy Szablak

A career consultant like Judy Szablak can provide you with the insights and recommendations you need to succeed in today’s competitive real estate industry. A consultant will not only offer advice and recommendations, but she will also share her valuable knowledge and expertise on topics such as online marketing for Realtors and social media marketing to get leads, to sales motivation tips and other tips to sell more homes!

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, turn to real estate professional and consultant Judy Szablak, founder and CEO of Szablak Consulting and Best Agents Online, LLC. With Judy’s guidance and expertise, you’ll take your career to new places, finding success that’s beyond what you believed to be possible!

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