Every real estate agent strives for success, but achieving and then maintaining that success over the course of your career can be a real challenge. So in today’s article from Szablak Consulting founder, CEO and Realtor Judy Szablak, we’ll explore tips for finding career-long success as a Realtor. 

Find Success as a Realtor – Set Goals

It’s surprisingly easy to go through life without any defined goals. To find true success as a Realtor (or in any other career field, for that matter), it’s critical that you grow, evolve and improve over time. Effective goal-setting is the key to achieving that growth. 

You must set SMART goals — that is, goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Read Realtor Judy Szablak’s related article on How to Set SMART Goals to Grow Your Career.

Find Success as a Realtor – Build Your Brand

Branding is absolutely essential for success as a Realtor, as it’s a competitive real estate industry and there are literally thousands of real estate agents out there. So what makes you different, unique and distinctive? What makes you stand out from the crowd? 

Define your strengths and specialties, then cultivate a unique brand identity that showcases these strengths and specialties, all while capturing your unique personality. 

Find Success as a Realtor – Master Marketing

Marketing is really key to success as a Realtor. It’s no longer sufficient to just list a home on the MLS and wait for people to find the listing. The most successful Realtors are incredible marketers, who leverage a variety of marketing methods to gain exposure for a particular property.

Real estate marketing can be performed in a number of ways, from featuring real estate listings on your own real estate website, to social media marketing, email marketing, landing pages and beyond. The top Realtors also leverage a variety of different tools, such as aerial drone videos to capture properties from a bird’s eye view, home staging and professional real estate photography.

In the case of Realtors who work primarily with buyers, you’ll find success as a Realtor when you learn how to market yourself and your services. 

Find Success as a Realtor – Be a Skilled Negotiator

To find success as a Realtor, negotiation skills are a must! A strong negotiator can save a sale that may otherwise fall through the cracks, while also ensuring that your client walks away not just satisfied, but happy.

Negotiation is an art form and it’s a skill that takes a long time to master and perfect. There are many strategies that a real estate agent can employ to seal the deal and the best Realtors know them all! So take some time to learn about the various negotiation strategies and then, perfect them!

Find Success as a Realtor – Know Your Why

Your “why” is your motivation; it’s why you get up every day and push to succeed. What motivates you? Why are you getting out of bed in the morning?

It’s really important that you know your “why” if you want to find success as a Realtor (or in any other career field!) Many have a hard time articulating what motivates them and this can lead to a rather blurry focus in your career and in your life. Each person’s “why” is unique. Some are motivated by the idea of giving their family a better life; others simply love what they do; and some do it for the joy of helping others. It’s essential that you can articulate your “why”, whatever it may be.

Grow Your Career With Szablak Consulting Founder and Realtor Judy Szablak

A career consultant like Judy Szablak can provide you with the insights and recommendations you need to succeed in today’s competitive real estate industry. A consultant will not only offer advice and recommendations, but she will also share her valuable knowledge and expertise on topics such as online marketing for Realtors and social media marketing to get leads, to sales motivation tips and other tips to sell more homes!

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, turn to real estate professional and consultant Judy Szablak, founder and CEO of Szablak Consulting and Best Agents Online, LLC. With Judy’s guidance and expertise, you’ll take your career to new places, finding success that’s beyond what you believed to be possible!

If you’re a real estate agent who is ready to elevate your sales or if you’re a realty owner or manager who’s seeking a dynamic, expert coach to bring a new element of professionalism to your sales team and your brokerage firm, turn to Realtor Judy Szablak of Szablak Consulting. Call 855.438.5839 or complete the booking form.


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