If you’re a real estate professional who’s ready to take your career to the next level, you may want to consider learning more about how to use aerial drone videos to increase home sales. 

There’s an old adage that a picture can convey a thousand words, but according to one study, a single minute of video can literally convey about 1.8 million words, making video a very powerful marketing tool for real estate agents.

What are Aerial Drone Videos?

An aerial drone video is a video of a property that’s captured from the air using a small remote control helicopter or other similar vehicle.

These aerial video drones are very maneuverable and they can capture beautiful and stunning video footage and still pictures from the sky. An aerial view of the property provides you with beautiful, sweeping footage of the entire home and grounds, along with the neighborhood as a whole if you choose to highlight this.

In addition to capturing footage outdoors, video drones can even be used indoors on occasion to capture interior footage of great rooms, barns and workshops, lofts, foyers/staircases and beyond.

You can edit the footage and use the aerial drone video as a stand-alone marketing tool or you can combine the aerial video with ground-level footage and still pictures to create an eye-catching and visually appealing view of the property.

Why Use Aerial Drone Videos as a Real Estate Marketing Tool?

Aerial drone videos can capture a property in a manner that still photography and land-based videography simply cannot match.This unique perspective is not only visually appealing and memorable, but it also captures an accurate view of the property and surrounding neighborhood — one that gives you a good feel for not just the home but the entire property and even the surrounding area.

What’s more, aerial drone videos are relatively affordable, especially if you develop a working relationship with a specific aerial video drone operator who can handle the real estate marketing videos for all of your listings.

Most marketing for homes for sale consists of interior first-person perspective tour videos and still photos, but these images rarely capture the true feel of the home and they lack the perspective that an aerial drone can provide. Aerial videos are especially effective for capturing large swaths of a home’s property along with other special outdoor features, whether it’s beautiful architecture, natural beauty, incredible landscaping or simply just a wonderful neighborhood.

Using aerial drone videos to increase home sales is just one of the many strategies you can employ as you work to take your career to the next level. Other key methods for improving home sales is to use real estate photography, along with more frequent open house events to help your clients’ properties gain more exposure amongst prospective buyers.

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