In the world of real estate, communication is really vital and staying in touch with your clients is an essential component of client satisfaction. So how can you improve your connection with your clientele? Consider these tips for more effective communication with your clients.

Client Communication Tips: Use Multiple Channels

It’s very important that today’s Realtors use all available communication channels to connect with their clients. A surprising number of real estate agents still use their phone for virtually all client communications. But in today’s world, there are many more communication channels and it’s important that you use them to ensure your clients can connect with you in the method that’s most convenient and comfortable for them.

So in addition to the phone, it’s wise to communicate with your clients via other methods such as SMS messaging, email and social media.

Maintaining a social media account not only brings marketing and networking opportunities; it also provides you with a chance to keep your clients updated on your activities, which only aids in communications. So make use of social media to post a few updates per day and don’t hesitate to post about your availability. For instance, you could post an update on Facebook such as: “I will be available all afternoon to take your calls.”

A Realtor could post a photo of one of their properties, with text such as “I just completed a showing at 123 Main Street.” This serves to not only inform your clients, but it also provides you with an opportunity to showcase the property while also illustrating how active you are in showing and promoting your listings. Prospective and current clients feel reassured when they see an agent is frequently showing and selling properties.

Client Communication Tips: Check in Weekly

When selling a home, there may be a week when there’s no real activity by way of showings or other developments. 

But you’ll gain favor with your clients if you call your clients on a weekly basis, even if there’s nothing new to report. Use the weekly check in call as an opportunity to discuss what you’re doing to promote the property and offer to address any questions that the client may have.

This weekly check in call will make the client feel more comfortable and reassured knowing that you haven’t forgotten about them. This simple update will greatly improve the client’s experience working with you.

Client Communication Tips: Anticipate Their Needs

Anticipating your clients’ needs is an important part of communication. When you anticipate their needs or questions, you have the advantage of taking action and calling or meeting with the client at a time that’s convenient for you. This can be very helpful for busy Realtors who have lots of appointments and showings which can make it rather challenging to accommodate a client’s spur of the moment needs. 

One strategy for anticipating your clients’ questions and concerns entails using your website. Every Realtor should have their own website, as it’s a key component required for promoting your yourself,  your brand as an individual and your properties. You may opt to include a “resources” section on your website to address frequently asked questions and common concerns amongst your clients. Simply refer new clients to your website to learn more and you’ll find that it’s much easier to address those FAQs.

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