A number of recent reports and articles have discussed a growing trend: Millennials and Generation X-ers are comprising an increasing portion of home buyers.

It’s expected that this trend will continue, with the real estate market expected to see a very significant jump in the number of Millennials and Generation X-ers buying homes in 2016. In fact, according to figures released by the National Association of Realtors, this demographic comprised 32% of buyers in 2015.

This trend is, in large part, driven by the large number of high paying tech jobs, so those real estate agents who work in a region with a thriving technology business sector can expect to see a more noticeable increase in the number of clients who fall into this category.

Is Your Real Estate Marketing Targeting Millennials and Generation X?

In order to appeal to this demographic, it’s vital that real estate agents understand how Millennials and Gen X connect with the world around them: through technology.

Therefore, if you’re seeing an increased number of clients who fall into this demographic, it’s wise to focus on social media and other technology-centric marketing. It’s avenues such as these that will enable you to connect with these younger buyers.

Social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, combined with video marketing and landing pages are a few examples of real estate marketing campaigns that can be effective for targeting these prospective clients.

Maintaining a distinctive brand and a strong social media presence are really important for connecting with Gen X and Millennials, who are more apt to connect with a Realtor who “speaks their language” so to speak.

Get Connected with Your Clients Using Technology

It’s also vital to note that if you don’t do so already, now is the time to start using social media, email and texting — in addition to phone calls — to communicate with clients. A surprising number of Realtors still do a lion’s share of their client communication by phone and it’s something that’s going to place you behind the 8-ball when it comes to this younger demographic, as they’re accustomed to communicating in a number of different ways.

Making yourself available via email, text message and on social media will not only make you more appealing to prospective clients; it will also enable you to communicate more effectively with your client base, bringing about a higher degree of client satisfaction.

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