Are you ready to take your career to the next level? The real estate field is a very competitive niche, making professional development all the more important for those who want to get (and stay) on top. 

Consider these personal development tips to grow your career…and fast!

Set Goals (and Work to Achieve Them)

The most successful professionals are those who are regularly setting goals and working to achieve those objectives. Make goal setting a priority when it comes to professional development, as this will propel you to excellence.  In fact, the top real estate professionals are perpetual learners. They’re always learning, growing and discovering new things and it is this constant evolution that drives them to succeed.

In fact, you may wish to begin the professional development process by setting  “SMART” goals — that is, goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. This will guide you in your quest to better yourself and your career.

Use Technology

Technology is your friend when it comes to career growth. There are many apps and tools that will enable you to streamline operations and simplify tasks, while also helping you to stay organized and on-point.

So don’t be afraid of trying new apps, software, devices, social media and websites to connect with clients, market real estate listings and tend to other tasks and professional obligations.

On a related note, don’t allow technology to limit your productivity. Constantly checking your email and social media, for instance, can actually be a hindrance and a distraction. But this is where other strategies such as time blocking can come in very handy.

Get Organized

Organization is really key for growth and success. Organization will enable you to maximize productivity since you’ll no longer need to search for hours in an attempt to find that important client folder or that missing phone number. To dovetail with the prior point, technology can be a vital tool, as there are many apps available to help you get and stay on track.  

Once you’re organized, you’ll find that you’re more productive in everything that you do.

Acknowledge Your Weaknesses

Alas, we all have weaknesses and flaws. Understanding where those weaknesses dwell is key, as it will enable you to compensate and work around those weak points.

Some individuals may be compelled to work on those weak points and for some, this can be very beneficial. But it’s essential to consider whether working on that flaw or weakness will enable you to grow as a professional.

For example, let’s say you’re abysmal at math and accounting. A real estate professional may want to learn how to address some of the most common math and accounting related issues that they’ll encounter in the course of their normal day to day activities.

But for most, it just doesn’t make sense to take an accounting course. It’s more effective for you to hire someone to tend to the accounting so you can focus your efforts on what you do best — selling real estate!

Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Pushing yourself to the next level is essential for growth. To grow in your career, you must reject the status quo and move past your comfort zone. This will force you to use your mind and your skills in new and sometimes unexpected ways. It’s these experiences that bring about growth. In going beyond your comfort zone, you may discover a new talent, skill, interest or even what will ultimately become your new area of specialty!

As with everything in your career, you must go about goal setting in the proper manner. Read this related article on how to use a “SMART” goal setting technique.

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