Procrastination can severely limit your real estate career and your personal life. In fact, procrastination is one thing that can not only inhibit growth, but it can also cause you to backslide or even lose clients because you’re not getting things done in a timely manner.

So here’s a look at a few strategies for overcoming procrastination so you can achieve your full potential both in your real estate career and in other areas of your life as well.

Make a Schedule…And Stick to It!

Developing good time management skills and scheduling your time can go a long way to helping you to gain the momentum you need to overcome the tendency to procrastinate.

So start making a daily schedule or to-do list and actually write it down. Simply ticking off the items on your list or schedule can feel very rewarding. This can be a very effective trick for those who procrastinate because they lack motivation.

Also, learn about some other techniques for time management and boosting productivity, such as time tracking and time blocking to increase productivity.

Consider the Consequences

Often, we force ourselves to overlook or even forget the consequences that arise as a result of our procrastination. So when you’re tempted to procrastinate, focus on the consequences of failing to tend to the task that you’re postponing.

Also, it can be helpful to recognize and remind yourself of the fact that it may be more difficult or more time-consuming to complete the task if you postpone it.

Remind Yourself of Your Motivation and Goals

Why is it important for you to complete the task at hand? Reminding yourself of why you need to complete the task or project and how it will take you one step closer to achieving your goals can be very effective in helping you re-discover the motivation you need to move forward.

Understand Your Need to Procrastinate

Consider why you’re feeling the need to procrastinate. Are you lacking motivation? If so, you may wish to focus on ways to increase your motivation or schedule the project or task for a time of day when you’re most apt to have the energy and drive to complete it.

Are you lacking passion? Sometimes, we find that something we once loved is no longer so rewarding. When a passion becomes a chore, it may be a sign that you need to go in a different direction with your career (or your entire life.)

Tell Others About it

Telling someone else, whether it’s a colleague, a client or your career coach can be a very effective technique for resisting the urge to give in to procrastination. When you tell someone about your intentions, this creates a sense of accountability that can help you overcome procrastination in that pivotal moment.

Break it into Smaller Tasks

The urge to procrastinate often arises when we’re faced with a big, daunting task (or one that’s really unpleasant.) So make an attempt to make that task less daunting. Divide a big project into lots of smaller parts and tackle one portion at a time. It’s much easier to convince yourself when the task is smaller, simpler or easier.

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