Working with a real estate coach or consultant brings many advantages and benefits but many new clients are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the coaching process and how it works.

Beginning the Professional Coaching Process

The coach-client or consultant-client relationship is a unique one; one that requires a sense of trust and a good working dynamic.

The process typically begins with a “getting to know you” process, whereby the client shares their professional history, the current state of their career and their goals for the short term and the long term future.

Once your real estate coach has obtained a firm understanding of these essential facts, the mentor will systematically explore the client’s obstacles and failures, successes, skills, strengths and weaknesses, sales strategies and techniques, sales tools, time management skills and other factors that impact one’s success.

SMART Goal Setting

The coach will then walk the client through the goal-setting process to create “smart” goals — that is, goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

With the help of a consultant or coach, real estate professionals will find that they’re able to achieve their professional goals in a more effective manner, overcoming challenges and tendencies such as procrastination, poor time management, weak sales strategies and other flaws.

Working with a consultant or a real estate sales coach will also bring a sense of accountability to the equation. This makes clients more likely to follow through on the professional development and personal development tasks that are required to get real, tangible results.

Accountability and Critiques

The coach or consultant will also offer constructive criticisms, critiques, while also offering recommendations and resources for growth and development.

Each client’s experience of working with a consultant or real estate coach will be unique to some degree; this is because each individual or firm has a unique situation, with their own set of goals, strengths and weaknesses.

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